The high demand for chicken meat and eggs has really proven that Poultry farming in Nigeria is indeed a very lucrative business. The business of rearing of chicken and producing eggs for sale has created an opportunity for some young graduates,retired civil servants and others to earn regular income and also provide employment for countless number of Nigerians…. 

The major buyers of Chicken meat and eggs in the country are fast-food companies like,


MARK SIGNTantalizer,

MARK SIGNTasty-Fried Chicken,


MARK SIGNFollowed by Hotels,

MARK SIGNRestaurants and then the various house hold nationwide.


Though in recent time there has been an increase in the number of poultry farms been setup in various parts of Nigeria.

But I have discovered that there is still a short fall in the supply of chicken meat and eggs in the country…. 


A visit to any of the major markets will reveal to you that frozen chicken is still been smuggled by some traders into Nigeria from neighboring countries like the republic of Benin.

The reason why this trend is prevalent is because most of the poultry farms in Nigeria operates on a small scale and can’t meet up with the increasing daily demand for chicken meat and eggs.

So, if you are desirous of earning regular income with peace of mind,

Then investing in commercial poultry is the wisest business decision you can ever make.

Poultry farm (small or large scale) is not a business you invest into today and then wait till the next five before you start making profit.


It is a business you invest into day and then in the next 8-weeks you are smiling to the bank with your profit.

Rearing of chicken and producing eggs for sale can take away poverty from your dictionary forever!

The two types of poultry systems are :

Battery cage system and

The deep litter system.

The battery cage system of rearing chicken involves putting your birds in cage.





While the deep litter system involves rearing the chicken on the floor covered with saw duct.deep litter system






Though the battery cage system has some advantages, it helps to keep your birds from coming in contact with their droppings that may cause infection, but it is capital intensive.



The deep litter system does not require huge capital to set up your poultry farm business.



You can actually start a small scale a poultry farm deep litter system in that plot of land of yours by rearing 500-broilers from day chicks to an 8-weeks period where you sell them btw N1k-N2k each.



The initial cost of starting a small scale poultry farm of about 500broilers (deep litter system) is about N500K…. 


The Amount Stated Above Covers The Cost Of

x sign purchasing a plot of land,

x sign  building structures that will house your chicken,

  •    buying of some basic equipment,
  •   Daily feeding and
  •   Medical treatment.

Sourcing for funds to finance your small scale poultry farm business shouldn’t be a difficult thing; you can approach any commercial bank in Nigeria.

Alternatively, if you have your own plot of land that alone has already reduced the amount of funds you will need to start drastically.


And the remaining amount you can be sourced through personal savings, loan from friends, relatives or co-operative. Assuming a mortality rate of 5% you are sure to make a profit margin of about N234, 325 at the end of the 8-weeks and if you repeat process say for like 3times or more, you stand to make millions as profit yearly.

I believe, through this article you have discovered the profitability in poultry farm business and you are ready to give it a shot.

Therefore, to assist serious investors like you achieve their desires of owning a business they can exercise full control over and also earn regular income with peace of mind.

I have decided to package a comprehensive feasibility studies for a fee and it is for those who are really interested in setting up a small scale poultry business of their own.

The feasibility studies, a Step-by-step practical guide on how to set up and manage a small scale commercial poultry farm of 500-birds.




1.The feasibility studies contain information on the cost setting up a profitable broilers and Layers poultry farms in Nigeria.

2. Where buy quality feeds and poultry setup equipment at less cost.

3. How to rear and manage broilers from day old chicks to 8-weeks at less cost and making huge profit in the process.

4. How to get good day old broilers chicks and pullets to buy at reduced cost.

5. Cost profit analysis for rearing 500-broilers from day old chicks to 8-weeks.

6. Cost profit analysis for rearing layers from day old chicks (pullets) to 14months

7. Cost profit analysis for daily egg production.

8. And many more information about the small scale poultry farm business set up I can’t list all here. The feasibility studies come in PDF Format, which you can easily read on your laptop or desktop computer or you can print it out if you choose to.

The above is  the for the FEASIBILITYy STUDIES….

Below Is The Beginers Guide

Aside from the  feasibility study which is very vital in the business we also consider teaching you from the begin so you get all the idea.


We  prepared a robust E-Book on How to start poultry farming in Nigeria.

In this eBook, you’ll find all the information you need to start and run a successful poultry farm, such as:

1. How to Setup Poultry Farm in Nigeria – Focuses on how to start small and grow big within a short period of time
2. How to identity chicken diseases, control and treatment.
3. Types of chicken houses suitable for small starters and chicken house equipments.
4. Breeds suitable for commercial poultry farming
5. Poultry feeding and nutritional guides for healthy farm
6. Farm management and considerations

7. Hatching and raising chicks, effective hatching methods. these and many more are contained in the eBook.

Reasons to Start Your Own Poultry Farm Today

Poultry Farming business is probably one of the most profitable and beneficial farming business around.

Gone are the days when poultry farming is only for the poor, when chicken is only adopted and kept in the backyard by the poor commodities living in the rural slums or villages.

The huge potential in this business was still untapped until recently when competent businessmen realized benefit of poultry farming and got attracted towards it. Today, commercial Poultry farming has become one of the biggest agricultural business worldwide because people prefers white meat more to the red meat.

Poultry farming business is still heavily untapped in Nigeria as more than 80% of our daily consumption is said to be imported from another countries. Now, imagine the profit potential of supplying chicken and chicken products to over 80% of Nigerians?


Come to think of the fact that there are multiple ways of making money from poultry business.


The Eggs – Egg is a good source of low-cost high-quality protein, providing 6.3 grams of protein (13% of the daily value for protein) in one egg for a caloric cost of only 68 calories. The structure of humans and animals is built on protein. We rely on animal and vegetable protein for our supply of amino acids, and then our bodies rearrange the nitrogen to create the pattern of amino acids we require. Everyone needs at least two eggs daily.


These put the production and supply of chicken eggs in a very high demand. A create of egg is currently sold around N800, (as at the  time of written this report) MULTIPLY that to how many creates you produce! 


Day Old Chick – Raising day old chicks in Nigeria has become very popular because you only need a viable batch of eggs for hatching, a reliable incubator and a working knowledge of poultry incubation.
Also selling day old chicks can be done locally as thousands of poultry farmers are looking for it everyday. Your hatchery could be just what people in your community needed as a nearby source of day old chicks.


Many people would like to raise chickens themselves, rather than to buy pullets but are unable to get or hatch enough day old chicks. One is sold at approximately N200.


The Chicken – You don’t need to be told about this, chicken meat is currently commands the highest demand in the market. If you have it, you have all the money in the world.


So, how much is the cost of this feasibility studies and the e-manual start up guide and with some other un-announced bonus?… 

Is the cost N30, 000?
Is the cost N25, 000?
Is the cost N20, 000?
Is the cost N15, 000?
Is the cost N10, 000?

The answer is capital NO!…

I should be charging you the amount listed above because I know that if I choose to sell it at that amount some people will still place order for the feasibility studies and the e-maunal.



But I won’t charge you too much for the feasibility studies & e-manual because I want to help you so you too can start earning regular income.


All, you need to pay to get this feasibility studies & e-manual start up is just ….

N5, 000 only.


I strongly believe the N5,000 you will use in buying this feasibility studies and e-manual will be the wisest investment decision decision you have ever made in recent time.



Get a copy of this feasibility studies and e-manual start up guide NOW and start earning regular income.


You must not procrastinate at a time when your blessing is just around the corner!


Procrastination is not only a thief of time but a thief of money.



Get a copy of this feasibility studies& start up guide (e-manual) NOW!



NOTE: This feasibility studies and the start up guide would continue to sell for the above OR below mention price, the price might increase anytime from now due to certain factors. 


N5,000 Only,act fast before the price go up in few days to come.

1) Now, visit any branch of GTBank or FIRST BANK and pay either for the feasibility studies and start up guide with the listed price into :

ACCOUNT NAME : Henry Opute Albert
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0005840534





ACCT NAME : Opute Henry Albert
ACCT NUMBER : 3069014908
And notify us via e-mail Or text message .
08058499904, 08124277062

2). Send us an e-mail titled “POULTRY GUIDE  ,to the above numbers ”

Note : Add the following please :

(i) The Bank you paid into
(ii) The name you used in paying
(iii) Bank teller number
and the amount.

The feasibility studies and start up guide pack with other bonuses will be dispatched to your Inbox immediately your draft is received.

Remember : All the material is in digital form and you can get it in matter of mins. My advice after buying, copy it into your flash or print out as hard-copy.



Since November 2013 that this webpage was set up, hundreds of comments have been received. Because of space here,all cant be display here.

Some of the comments are as follows:

1) Happy to write  you, Mr. Albert. I would never forget your valuable advice and educative materials that really helped us in setting up our farm. For your information, at exactly sixth months today, our birds are still doing well with mortality rate at just 2.1% and producing the golden eggs. We would always be grateful to you.
Rita Digbue (,Delta-State,Nigeria



2) Hello Sir Albert,
Thank you very much for taking up d challenge of leadership.
I must say since I stumbling into your website is the best thing that has ever happened to me in recent times.Your info came at the right time when am making plans to start up my own poultry farm. Can’t wait to lay my hands on your manuals, next week i hope is still same amount? Good job brother. Chuck Aniatte (petmaster65@gmail.comm)


3)Hello good morning.
This is the same lady from Ibadan. I have taken advice from the very helpful reports i bought from you and right now i am at stage 2 building pen houses. My consultant calculated that i can have 25ft by 90 ft pen houses. I met experienced builders who gave me an unrealistic price. So I’m back again for more advice. Please help me! Anxiously awaiting your reply. (Ibadan, Oyo State,Nigeria)


4) Sir your studies as actually reduced my fear of investing in poultry farming… Great information you have there and may almighty God increase your knowledge. Great job!, Lagos-Nigeria.


5) Very nice and informative guide or  feasibility  guide,i actually taught you are one of those selling lies,until i tried you guide,i should say you are the best. As a poultry farmer I always search for this types of news related to poultry birds and poultry farming business. Really enjoyed your website and this guide you put together. ( 


6 ) I am knowledgeable about poultry farming due to my course of study at higher institution. But i must confess that your guides really equip me more. i want to start pullet rearing very soon which i also believe i need season consultant. i reside in Sango Ota, Ogun state. please can you link me up with a nearby consultant? Where can i get reliable point of lay since i am starting with 500 birds using battery cage system.


7)Honestly i do not know how to thank you enough. I applied the medications and there is some improvement.Thank you very much.   Mrs Chiyere(Edo State,Nigeria) 


8)Hello Mr.Albert The day i gave my chickens the drug stated in your chicken disease and vaccine report,the mortality stopped immediately I also, felt alot of inprovement in the growth…Thanks for your for your feasibility guide. (Niger-State,Nigeria)


9) Thanks so much sir.  The package is much more than the money .  My prayer is that you and your family will never regret, amen. (Ogun State,Nigeria)


10)  Good day Mr Albert. My name is Davies, i contacted you sometimes last year in regard to my poultry. Thanks for your advice and your Feasibility Studies and the bonuses you sent to me it has been really helpful to me and my wife. Well i am contacting you again, because i want to know the best place to get a good battery cage.  (



N5,000 Only,act fast before the price go up in few days to come.

1) Now, visit any branch of GTBank,FIRST BANK or UBA and pay either for the feasibility studies and start up guide pack with the listed price into :

ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0005840534



ACCT NUMBER : 3069014908


ACCT NUMBER : 0001053492

And notify us via e-mail Or text message .
08058499904, 08039454675

2) Send us an e-mail titled “POULTRY GUIDE  ,to the above numbers ”

Note: Add the following please :

(i) The Bank you pald into
(ii) The name you used in paying
(iii) Bank teller number
and the amount.
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