This Is The Height Of All...



I`m Handing All Over To You



This Will Be The Best Decision You Will Ever Make 


I'm Going To Do Just That!

  • I will help you to register a domain name like just like my own and build a website like mine for you. I will only set up a sales page on any business model for you. Write out words for words,  paragraph to paragraph 
  • I will give you 2 ebooks together with 3 quality bonuses that will trigger your subscribers to buy from you the moment they see it and for you to start promoting so as to start making money every day.
  • I will give you my full work through tutorial videos and materials on how to put together a quality one-page site business plans for any business.
  • I will give you the same blueprint I have been using to direct TRAFFIC or TARGETED people to my business... I will show you how to place free ads on Facebook and any other traffic platform... Also, show you how to place paid ads and free ads
  • I will give you all the software that I use daily to make all my efforts possible, that includes my golden "automated machines"
  •  And Much, Much More...

This One Will Be No Exception


Let Me Help You Set Up Your Online Business You Today

You may have seen many websites that look like this or stories like this…

..But I want you to know that what I have for you is like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before…


Look I get it …

You’ve been burnt…

You’ve bought things that don’t work…

You’ve been lied to right?


Well, let’s CHANGE that starting now….


I want you to know before I cracked the code to online wealth creation I was a normal guy just like you…

I was stuck in a 9 to 5 office job…

My family and friends thought I was a joke and would privately laugh at me every time I mentioned “making money online”…

I know exactly what you’re going through and know precisely how you feel as I’ve been there myself…

How will you feel if I set up a system that will make money for you on a daily basis and on part-time?
The key to wealth and happiness in today’s world is to create multiple streams of income using diverse business models and combinations of passive and active income in areas where your passions and talents can be most thoroughly engaged.

Some people will say I’m making enough with my paid job. Look, even if you are working with Shell Petroleum, just have it in mind that you are a staff and one day will be laid off just like they did last year and early this year. There is nothing like job security.

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The good thing is that for those that are not working or not happy with their job, you can create passive income for yourself.


I want to work with you to help you make at least N7,000 per day and N210,000 in 30 days.


I want to hold you by hand and set up the business funnel for you bring extra N210,000 without you leaving your full-time job. If you want to be like me that make money online and take my offline business online to make more money on full time, then you are about to experience something good. You see, I have developed many products and service that I sell online and the good thing about this online business is that I can be in the comfort of my home and still make money.


When I started to make money online, I didn’t start as an exporter or developer or consultant, I started as a web designer with no formal cert or expirence. What i did was bought courses online and that was it. Then. I started helping others in developing the business and when from the to learning how to source customers of my Uncle agro produce online, that was how my journey to export coach came about.Today, most people know me as MINI SCALE Export Coach, while some call me King of Exporter.

But, today I have learned to use my passion, skills, and expertise to make money online as its the only way left for commoner like i used to be... Online Marketing is the only goldmine i know and i want you to start thinking this way for now. I love what I’m doing and I have a strong passion for it


Why Should You Start Your Online Business?

  • With the kind of business I want to set up for you, you will get products that are developed once and you continue to make money till you decided that its ok. I can sell my videos or ebooks to 50,000. Build it once and the money keeps coming.
  • You can work from anywhere
  • You set it once and it keeps bringing the money
  • I will give you some products so that you don’t worry about creating them. You start promoting and make money immediately.

What Am I Going To Do For You To Make Money Online?

Related image I will help you to register a domain name like just like my own and build a website like mine for you. I will only set up the sales page for the Product you wish to sell ( It can be any of the agro products I sell or a product of your choice). Don’t worry I will train you and give you materials

Related image I will give you other products like "business plans together with 3 years financial analysis" for you to start with and promote to make money every day. You can go into business plan business. Its super hot at the moment. I have a friend who is selling daily making more than #600k monthly doing this.

Related imageI will give you my business plan ebook and materials on how to write professional business plans for any business.
Related imageI will give 3 financial analysis template for you to use to analysis for your client 1-year financial template, 3 years financial analysis template and 5 years financial analysis template. This templates will automatically calculate your cash flow, income statements, balance sheets, break-even analysis, sales projections once initial values are entered ( For those who want to go into business business)
Related imageI will give you templates for the marketing plan and marketing analysis
Related image I will give you Bank of Industry BOI business plan/loan requirements for you to use for your client
Related imageTemplate on Start-up Expenses
Related imageSMEDAN Business Plan format
Related imageMaterials on How to Register Business Name for People so that you have multiple sources of income
Related imageSample business proposal for you to use it to prepare business proposals for your clients. Note a business proposal is quite different from a business plan.
Related imageMaterials on how to carry out feasibility studies for your clients and charge as N50,000-N250,000 depending on the caliber of the clients.
Related image Other templates and materials for you to use to make real money.
Related image 3 months support including training/mentorship.

Related image I will show you how I promote ebooks and videos for free and I will also show you how I used Facebook, Linkedin, and others to sell my products. How I run my facebook ads and pay as low as $.01 to get hundreds of clicks and sales. I will also guide you on how to package many ebook and videos and sell.

Imagine if you have 5 ebooks and you are selling each for N5,000 or even N7,000 like i do , you are able to sell at least 1 ebook  a day, 7 X 30 = N210,000 passive income on a part-time basis and if promote your one page site well and follow my steps.

For those who want to settle with business plan business,  you can charge up to N150,000 to develop a business plan and this is another way to make money. This is the trick, Charge your client N150k ans i will show you places where expert can write it out for N50k or even low.

You can make money by helping them to register their business too



You can make money by selling other material...

>> Whatever, ebookm you want from me that will help you make cool income daily i will give including my videos and ebook and you can keep 100% the money you make. That is how serous i am ...

I will set it up and give you 2 of my ebooks and material free for you to start with.


You will also learn how to unlock other opportunities and duplicate the system to make more money.

I’m looking for just a few people for me to mentor. I don’t need so many people. Few so that I can manage and give them quality mentorship.

To build the website for you, send you the full ebook and videos (Material), teach you how to manage them, mentor you and support you in selling.


It will cost you N30,000 for today. Tomorrow it may go up to N40,000 and later to N50,000.


Normally, GURUs charge minimum of N200k to release such opportunity

My cost of building a website like this is N50,000 for individual or small business owners, but you are getting everything including the business plans, agro manuals, series of ebook and 3 months training and support and mentoring for N30,000 and is ending soon. Just few people only as i can take much.


This will give you an opportunity to learn other ways to make money online from me because I want you to be successful.

My mentor told me if you want to be successful and make more, help others to make money. The market is like an ocean and is too large for just one person.

There is no competition in this market except you are not promoting or you do not follow my step-by-step guide


  See what you are getting for just N30,000

Related image Free domain name, hosting for a year= N10,000
Related image Website setup and product sales that I will include your account details so that you can receive payment= N40,000
Related image 2 Free business plans I’m selling at N10,000 each (choose 2 business plans from the list here)
Related image My ebook software on how to write business plans and all the financial analysis templates = N7,000
Related imageFree video on facebook and internet marketing worth N15,000
Related image My sample business proposal = N10,000
Related image Other materials and video worth over N20,000
Related image Free 3-month training and mentorship worth over N50,000 (online)

..and many more like catfish ebooks, poultry ebook, piggery ebooks, snaill ebook, etc... worth 100k


All Should Cost You A Total Of #172,000 plus



Question If I get in, when will my website ?

          Answer :  Your website will be ready in 7days time

Question : What if i start with 2 website?

         Answer : You will make x2 of what you will make with one (All it will require is promotion)

Question : Is it guarantee that i will make money as you said?

          Answer : 100% guarantee income if you put in the work

Question : Do i have to do any thing on the website

         Answer : We will set it up one and if you wish more thing inside, we will gladily assist you. But, it got to make sense

Question : Can i transfer my website in future when o need it?

          Answer : Yes. Its yours

You see, if you dont act now ...I swear, you wont see this anywhere low again and I know after this moment some guru or whatever their names are will start chatting me up for exposing their secrets.

It will be ready within with 7 days and you start making money as soon as possible. 3 days to register a domain/hosting and design your site. Handling over and putting you through is within the 5 days and support and training continue after that.

I need ONLY 10 SERIOUS MINDED PERSONS that and ready and eager to start their consulting business and make money

If you are interested, please send me the domain you want me to set up as one page and also send me your email. I will send you the business plans, ebooks, and other materials. I will register your domain and send the login details of your site.

                                                Discounted Fee Of N30,000


You can pay into any of the following accounts:

Account Name: Albert Opute Henry
Account Number: 0005840534
Bank: Gbtank


Ac Name: Albert Opute Henry
Account Number: 3069014908
Bank: FirstBank 


After payment, send your email address, phone number, website address to Thanks

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0803945467


You see, if you dont act now ...I swear, you wont see this anywhere low again and I know after this moment some guru or whatever their names are will start chatting me up for exposing their secrets.


I need only 10 people to work with and the deadline 3 DAYS...


Take A Pick How A Page Website Look Like


For Bitter Kola Export




For Cassava Export



For FoodStuff Export



For poultry


And Many More


You can pay into any of the following accounts:

Account Name: Albert Opute Henry
Account Number: 0005840534
Bank: Gbtank


Ac Name: Albert Opute Henry
Account Number: 3069014908
Bank: FirstBank 

If you need to chat with me over this business growth only I will be on Whatsapp 08039454675


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