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From the decks of King of exporter Albert Henry and the owner Of Cash Links Global Services, and Net Profit Global Services ….I extremely sure you are not here for my intro so, am just going to stop the intro here and get to business!

                       2017 Edition

If you  are here by links from google search, facebook, online comment or someone recommend this life changer webpage to you, please consider yourself out of poverty level..   Because by the time you are done reading the whole of this page and some of the recommendation I will be referring to…You will be grounded with power to destroy poverty for life, I guarantee that !!

In Here , You Going To DISCOVER HOW TO be Part Of Nigeria’s Lucrative Multi-Million Naira Foodstuff Market With Over 30 Exportable Foodstuffs You Can Export to Foreign Countries.

Over 400 Nigerian African foodstuffs supermarket and Grocery store all over Europe including U.S, Waiting for you to become their supplier On a monthly bases and make well over 100% in return.  

The opportunity in export business is super massive…
Ask any major player in this business. Not only for those already in the export business, but even for the new comers.


To commence foodstuff business on a small scale.

Company registration is optional since you are doing it on a small scale, which means you are sending the foodstuff items through the help of courier companies… e.g, EMX , NIPOST  UPS and the rest. But, if you are on a tight budject and want to send large quantities  from 1/tons you can use the services of freight forwarders at NARCO Nig. which is extremely cheap.

The requirements include start up capital of between
N100,000 and N150,000
an e-mail,
a mobile phone and
an account with a reputable bank here in Nigeria.

However, having a domiciliary account is better. You don’t need previous experience in the field but you should have a “Good Head” for organizing and negotiation. You can get support from an organization called Association of Micro-Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN), to allow you to get NAFDAC number. Only if you are customizing the product. 

Note :  only for customized products.

The volume of Nigerian exporters of foodstuff to those countries are still on a very low level…. Considering the estimated 20 million people of Nigerian residing outside the country, with the majority living in the United Kingdom (UK) and the US.  

I heard Malazia is taking over now   

This is a great opportunity to sell to this category of people. The few exporters of African foodstuff cannot meet with the demand of Nigerians which populations are increasing everyday in the US and UK.

I know that you’re more than tired of hearing bold claims and empty promises from shady people who only want to take your money and run away.  It’s clear that you have had enough of this.

But today I can promise you that if you keep reading, you will find a few surprises that are going to positively affect your overall life…

And this is no exaggeration – it can truly happen if you stick here with me and pay close attention to what I have to say to you.

But first, before we get into the juicy details, here’s some advice…

Listen, there’s something that clearly is not working for you.

You’re not making the kind of money that will make a difference in your life. And although it’s not your fault, there are a few things that you need to stop doing in order to head toward the path of success.

My first suggestion is that you STOP buying course after course after course.

Stop believing the lies of many unscrupulous marketers who only want to have you on their list so they can spam you to death with new promotions every day. They did it to me back then. 

It’s just about time to end this nonsense.


To start an export business, money is not the most important thing; but it will play a fast role … you need to have the knowledge and the right idea and the market needed. There is assistance to any Nigerian with the right will power. What you need to succeed are:

tick Integrity,

tick Honesty and

tick Diligence.

A lot of Nigerian are operating a highly lucrative home-based export company and they are constantly making a steady income of between #150,000 and #2,000,000 monthly, and regularly. With no capital investment, no risk and at their spare time. The profit from the first transaction can be ploughed back and an investor can be able to build up his capital base. To start this business, all you need to have on standby are :

  • Mobile phone
  • Bank account {saving or current}
  • E-mail address
  • Internet/cyber café
  • Understanding of an export business process (Starter Kits)
  • The determination and the desire to make it successful.
  • Between #50,000 and #150,000



Honey :-  Honey is currently priced between US$19.00 AND US$23.10 per kilogram in the international market. In the Nigeria market, genuine and pure honey costs #300 to #600 per kg. Needless to emphasis that the business is highly profitable considering our naira exchange to US$ dollar, which is currently around US$1 to between #320 & #460. As at 15th of Feb 2017….The most important thing is to know when to go and harvest. And usually, harvest is between 10 to 12 months after set up. Honey can also be bought from local sellers to make huge profit locally and internationally.honeyjugs

SHEA BUTTER: Shea butter is highly valued commodity among the world’s cosmetic companies, and as its demand has grown, so also its potential for exploitation and exportation.

Statistics shows that only 25% to 30% of the Shea nuts produced in Nigeria wild are collected. Apart from its role as an important raw material, Shea butter is used in the manufacturing of chocolate and other confectionaries. It is also used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. These product are not only needed in Europe but are highly priced in Nigeria which in fact, currently import them from abroad. The price of Shea nut FOB {Lagos} is about $820/MT. With #1000 you can gather 100/kg.  The major locations where Shea nut can be found are: Oyo State, Plateau State and Bauchi.  Currently, 1/dollar is btw N320 – N480  As at 15th of Feb 2017….

OFADA RICEOFADA RICE: Ofada is a generic name used to describe all rice produced and processed in the rice producing clusters of south west Nigeria named after Ofada, a small rural community in Obafemi Owode Local Government area of OgunState. UK Department for International Development programme has revealed that massive potential exists for the export of Ofada rice to Europe and USA. There are about 740,000 Nigerian living in UK and a potential demand for about 150 tonnes of Ofada rice. The fast food companies in Nigeria are hungry of Ofada. The market in the US, however seems to have an even greater potential for growth than the one in the UK. You can package it in 1kg or 2kg bag like that old Uncle Ben’s rice. You can get the NAFDAC approval through the Association of Micro Enterprise of Nigeria {AMEN} or visit NARDAC Office across the Nation. 

PALM KERNEL SHELLPALM KERNEL SHELL: Palm kernel shell is the housing of palm kernel seed. Palm kernel shells have very low ash and sulphur contents. The specification is 20% max of moisture; 3% max of fiber and dirt. The price at the international market is from $900 to $1300 per ton. Some Nigerians throw away this product without knowing that it is a product which is in high demand at the international market. The local price is from #600 to #800/MT and {30tons} per trailer load while you will have to package to buyers specification. Palm kernel shell can be located in, Ondo, Osun, Ogun, and some other south western part of Nigeria. Though, it can also be found in some states in the eastern part of Nigeria.

GARRIGARRI:  Garri is a fine or coarse granular flour of varying texture made from cassava tubers {also called cassava root}, which are clean after harvesting, grated, with water and starch squeezed out of it, left to ferment and then fried either in palm oil or without palm oil and serve as a major staple food in west Africa. You can package in 1kg or 2kg bag and penetrate the local or foreign market. It is estimated that 20 million people of Nigerian descent reside outside Nigeria, with the majority lived in the United Kingdom and the United States. This is a great opportunity to sell to this category of people. Garri can be found in most of the states in the federation.  1 $ currently is btw #320 & #480. As at 15th of Feb 2017….Take advantage of this as smart people are making it.



SMOKED FISH: The fish is treated with salt, either in form of strong brine or a surface coating of dry salt. This combination reduce moisture and salt inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria, a basic principle of all cure meats. The local price of this fish is between #2,000 and #2,500 while it can be sold at the international market for $140, convert that .


BEANS FLOUR: Beans flour is made from beans which have been cleaned, peeled and milled to fine flour. It is used for the preparation of dishes such as Moi-Moi and Akara. These days, there is already prepared beans flour, meaning you do not have to spend so much time soaking your beans or blending it. It can be sold both locally and internationally. The current price is on the paid starter kits. Its massively demanded in Malasia and others

MELON SEED {GROUND EGUSI}:   Egusi refers to the seed of a highly nutritious type of watermelon found widely in Africa {Nigeria inclusive}. You can package Egusi in 1kg or 2kg and then export to buyers in foreign countries. Currently, price inside paid Version 

OGBONO: The Ogbono also called ogbolo or etima seed, when ground and combine with vegetables and spices and cooked with fish and {or} meat, it make people feel at home wherever you eat it. Its currently, sells for $20.10 for 1kg 

CASSAVA FLOUR: Cassava Flour {Manihot esculenta, crantz} is a tropical root crop and major staple food supplying about 70% of daily calories intake of 50 million Nigerians. Globally, cassava is consumed by an estimated half a billions people. The unit operation involved in Cassava Flour process technology include: Sorting, Weighing, Peeling, Washing, Grating, Fermentating, Dewatering, Granulating, Dehydrating, Milling, Sieving and Packaging.  Current price on the paid version Buyers are also available  

BITTER LEAF: Bitter leaf is derived from the leaf of a small ever-green shrub; true to its name, the leaf is bitter to taste, but surprisingly, it is delicious in meal. It is also in highly demanded by herbal industries as it is used mostly for herbal medication.  Current price on the paid version/starter kits Buyers are also available  

DRIED UGU LEAF: This leaf is generally known as pumpkin leaf. The Ibibio’s in Nigeria call it Nkong Ubong, Efiks call it Ikong Ubong, Igbo’s named the leaf Ugu. It is a hot cake if it is well packaged. It can be sold both locally and internationally.   Current price on the paid version/starter kits … Buyers are also available  

UKAZI LEAF: Ukazi leaf, also known as Afang leaf can be eaten raw as prepare by the Igbo’s in the popular African salad “Ugba”.  The Afang leaf itself serves as a dietary fiber which helps in proper digestion and gives bulk feeling, vital for a good weight control diet. Current price on the paid version/starter kits Buyers are also available  

NOTE: If you are exporting vegetable, you need to sundry it, then compress it; then arrange it in a “Ghana must go Bag”, then it is ready to be sent. If you buy vegetable for #100 here in Nigeria, you can sell for #500 there @ {abroad} which is 500% profit. Current price on the paid version/starter kits Buyers are also available  

HOT CHILLI GROUND PEPPER: Dried pepper or the Africa red hot pepper is a very hot spice. Most traditional African foods are cooked with this pepper; in fact, I do not know ANY African soup cooked in western Nigeria for example without adding the red hot pepper.  Current price on the paid version/starter kits Buyers are also available  

OKRA: Trade intelligence reveals that most of the okra produces in Africa is exported to UK and Netherland which constitute the largest markets within the EU. Wholesale price of Okra stand at $4,000/metric tons CIF {Cost Insurance and Freight} but when the market gets bullish; it shoot up from $6,000 to $7,600 per metric tons CIF.  Buyers are also available  

PALM OIL: The primary unit of production of palm oil industry is the farm where the oil palm tree is cultivated to produce palm fruit. The farm’s production of fruit is processed by the farmer, using the traditional method of palm oil extraction, or sold to other processor. If you can package it in bottles, kegs, drums etc usually in 5litres, 20litres, 25litres etc. then you are ready for the local and international markets. The major locations for Oil palm are Ondo, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, and some states in the eastern part of the nation. The major market for Palm Oil is Mile 12 in Lagos, Nigeria.  Current price on the paid version/starter kits Buyers are also available  



When you are exporting, you don’t just send goods. Someone else would have ordered for them. So you have to send based on the person’s specifications. It must be based on agreement and the export contract that you reach. You must also have agreed on the terms of payment. After all these, you can then proceed to send the goods. Some even send a sample to their overseas buyers for them to confirm authentic of the product. You can send about two or three type pieces of samples and they will pick the one that suit the need of their project and based on that, you can source for the applied product and send. Which is where the real money is.  Again, if your sample is granted consider yourself a millionaire. 

Advice: Do everything, you can to keep your buyers for a very long time.

Little Intro About Me …

IMG_20160204_184840I’m Albert Henry and I’ve been making a great living through Exportation of Agro product / Importation business Products since 2009.

Since those early days… I’ve gone on to make millions of Naira and even became #1 Exporter among The best of the best in this great Country (Nigeria). I’ve also taught hundreds of people how to truly make a lot of income through Export of Agriculture products. Which they still do till date. I kept getting positive messages on a daily basics. Testimonies Here 

And yes, I can show you my nice big dream house, my fancy sports cars, and all the checks that I make each and every month online. But I’d much rather show you exactly what I did to get all of those things.

I’ve already been making money with this for years now.  I’ve been in the trenches for so long… I know what it takes to make a great living from the export deals.

That’s why I’d love to show you how I’ve achieved all of my success… so you can simply copy my ways of making money .

Since I started teaching over 5 years ago and after helping hundreds of people make full time incomes from Exporting, in their spare time… I still get asked how it’s done.

I’m going to hand you the same exact steps I used to make profits from Export business FAST.

In fact, what I’m about to show you is the real deal… the EXACT same way I’ve earned my millions through Exporting our Own Products To Oyinbo. 

I make money in all kinds of different products, name its Ogbono, Ugu, rice, bitter kola, ginger, soya beans, cocoa seeds, dried catfish Yam Tubers,Elubo,White Gari,Yellow Gari,White Beans,Red Beans
Oloyin,Ogbono,Egusi,Cray Fish,Smoked Fish, Stocked Fish (Panla),Dawa Cudes,Palm Oil,Ofada Rice,Chilie Pepper,Smoked fish, Gari, Beans Flour, Melon seed (Egusi Ground),Cassava Flour, Bitterleaf, Dried Ugu leaf:, Palmwine, Butter production. Coconut processing,Pepper, Hibiscus flower,Pap (Ogi), Ukazi leaf , e.t.c…

Others are —

Hot Chilli Pepper – Ground, Kolanut, Potato, Semolina, Ginger beer, Kilishi, Soybean, Groundnut, Okra, Cassava, Yam, Honey, Snail, Bitter Kola, Ofada rice, Catfish, Shrimps, Pounded Yam Flour, Poultry, Cashew, Plantain Flour, Palm Oil Coconut processing,Pepper,Tomato paste, Hibiscus flower, Yoghurt,Pap (Ogi), Ukazi leaf and the rest… etc.

…and so do my past students.


Let me go more deeper to show London for instance where you can buy Nigeria Food items and you also see Nigerians rushing in and out from MADAM Stella`s store on a daily bases

Enjoy The videos below


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I’ve come a long way since starting… and it wasn’t always easy. I mean, I spent years and years of trial and error. I’d like to show you how all of my trial and error can actually speed up your money-making results.

When I started my first business way back in 2002, I failed miserably. So I started another business…and another one after that. Each and every one failed.  I tried just about every opportunity and business I could find, but they all went nowhere. 

Still, I kept at it because I was convinced that I was destined to make a lot of money. I dived into Home Export Business after going through alot of up and down. But today, hmm !

So I continued to study every aspect of Export … just to find out what worked and what didn’t. I sought out the most successful once and copied them. I discovered the hidden secrets that the “gurus” worked so hard to protect… Smart Me. I got the secrets

Little by little…I learned what worked and what didn’t.  Today the rest is history.

And it certainly gave me more peace of mind than anything else. Having that much money can take a lot of worry off your life. Just think about it. 

But what feels even better than that is… fast forward 5 years later and I’m STILL making more profit now that the economy is position is in mine favor and my students too. Dollar is now N320 in some bank black market N480 an above this 2017. Chai !!! wonderful Lord.

Some people dey cry while some dey super happy 

My life has been amazing since figuring it all out

  • I live in my dream house
  • I have 3 of mine dream cars
  • I buy everything I want
  • I work when I want and where I want.
  • I take exotic vacations and see things most people dream about.
  • I’m able to give my family the life I’ve always wanted.
  • I have no financial worries and I’m completely secure and happy.

I’m not telling you any of this to brag, I just want to stress to you that if I can do this, YOU CAN, TOO!

The fact that you’re HERE right now makes me realize you want something MORE in your life. And it also PROVES to me that you’re serious about achieving it.

Maybe you want an Export business that makes a lot of money… So, you can provide more for your family?

Maybe you want to travel the world, eat at the nicest restaurants, or buy the coolest gadgets and newest toys?

Maybe you want a new home or a brand new car? Maybe you just want to tell your boss to go to hail or hang transformer?  

All you need is the will to succeed and 30 minutes per day and you can start pull deals out of nothing and am very sure at the end you make profits, which why you are here.

Believe me: If I can do it, you can too!

Because of my success in Export business, I knew I could help others to break free from the chains of having a 8 to 5 boss and job they hate. I hated it too 

I don’t know what your “dream lifestyle” would be…but I’m willing to bet it’s a lot like mine.  Sleeping in as late as you want…  setting your own schedule and having the freedom to do what you want, any time you want to.

Think about it … Every day feels like a Saturday for you. If you feel like ditching work and going to the shopping mall, you can. If it’s a beautiful day, you can take the day off to go see a movie at the cinemas. Like i do 

Make as much money as you want to make, there’s NEVER any limit. If you want to work hard and make yourself a nice, six figure salary, no one can tell you otherwise. All i ask you to do is master the act of talking or negotiating close deals with your clients / buyers 

Again, persons like you are making anywhere from a hundred thousand a week to as much as N300k profits a week with this Small Scale Export buzz. This is your opportunity to build a wildly profitable business and enjoy an amazing life… one where you never have to answer to Sir or Ma all day long. I remember when i use to open gate for one small boy… “I hate my self die”

I know that if you could just achieve what you’ve read above, you will be MORE than happy…

That’s a good thing, because it clearly shows that if you’re still reading this, you’re highly committed to ending the rat race and making serious MONEY……

Let Me proudly Introduce You To…


foodstuff DVD PART1foodstuff DVD PART2Cash Links Global Services have prepared 4 hours video Steps for serous person on how to sources real buyers and the process in starting Mini Export Of Foodstuffs…

You will be granted with the complete knowledge through the videos and other valuable material to help start from today.

Only if you are serous…

Can be played in your Home DVD , Computer DVD roam

The  two DVDs  contain a power- packed information on how you can start your foodstuff exportation business

Here Are The Information Inside The DVD

tick The ABC Of Foodstuffs Export To Overseas

tick Sourcing For Prospective Buyers Overseas Through The Internet & How To Identify Genuine Serious Buyers.

tick  Standard & Acceptable  Foodstuff Export Product Selling Price Determination

tick The Best Packaging Pattern For Foodstuff Products To Oversea Countries

tick Insider’s Secrets For   Exporting Foodstuff Via Courier, Sea Or Air.

tick How To Detect and Avoid International Trade Scams And Fraudulent Importers.

tick  Where/How to Source Products Locally

 tick The Guaranteed, Tried And Tested Way To Get Paid By Overseas Clients.

tick How To Attract Hundreds Of Importers To You Simply By Moving One Step Ahead Of Others

tick The Guaranteed Way To Get Genuine Foodstuffs Importers  To Do Business With You

tick  The Risk Involves In The Food Stuff Exportation Business And How To Avoid It Effectively

tick Special lecture From Veterans Nigeria Foodstuff Exporters Who Have Attended various Seminars Outside The Country, This Is A One In A Life Opportunity To Synergize With The Experienced Foodstuff Exporters Who Presently Cannot Meet The Demand Of The International Market, You Can Help Them Source For Some Of These Product, They Can Also Help You Get A Ready Made Buyers For Your Chosen Product Abroad.

tick Lecture from a representative of the Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN).  

tick Facebook Experts: How To Use Facebook To Generate Massive Sales For Your Foodstuff Products

tick How To Turn Your Foodstuff Website To 24/7 Money Making Machine This Super Lecture Is Tailored Specifically To The Foodstuff Exportation Industry

Below is how it will look like,when its shipped through EMX




NOTE : Every exporter is strongly advised for their best financial interest to select foodstuffs which they intend to export based on accessibility and availability

As a small investor you can send this product through the NIPOST, (It is by air) NIPOST or EMX have a ready a made cartons you can send up to 30kg which is up to N60,000. Perishable products are no allowed through the NIPOST because it takes up to five to seven working days before the products get to the UK and US receptively. But you can send perishable items by air because it takes only 8/hours to get there. It is important that you send the foodstuff as an individual because if you use a company address you may need to answer 1 or 2 questions.

How new entrants can get buyers,order for the full information…

TAKE NOTE : A lot of response will be coming from some Nigerians and Africans that operates African shops in foreign Counties, because some of them are looking for people like you to buy from, you may need to send free samples to some of them, while you make them chose the right packaging pattern for the product you are sending.

In order to assist a lot of Nigerians to tap into this highly lucrative foodstuff export business, our organization, CASH-SECRET CONSULT, has written a manual titled “LOCAL FOODSTUFF EXPORT SPECIAL- WITH OVER 60 PRODUCTS ”, AND PART 1 and 2 DVD COLLECTION” to enable you know all the techniques and secrets of exporting foodstuffs to foreign Land.



 foodstuff DVD PART1foodstuff DVD PART2

Learn the amazing money making secrets all the Successful foodstuff Exporters use to earn millions of naira every year

Order for Part- 1 and 2 of the well detailed 4/hrs, high valued content DVD and you get  12 Ebooks alongside, this will prepare you for all contracts with investors/importers of all the products, the DVD will lead you on everything about Mini and large export deal —pricing, packaging and export processes,etc.

Also, in one of the DVD you will be expose to over 100 Nigerian buyers,their contact details and other African buyers living in– U.K, U.S…

The DVD comes in 2 form digital and normal DVD format.

If you decide to order for digital for, you get it within 30 mins after payment, thru your email.

While the normal C.D format you get it in 2/3 working days after payment, thru courier service, like UPS, EMX, DHL. With additional courier fee of N3,000 to any where within the country.





  1. Importing From China Secrets   



12 E-Book On Exportation Of All The Products I mentioned Above Well Detail Steps



How To Get Loan With Out Collateral In Nigeria

How to get loan in nigeria without collateral



OVER 50/BUYERS OF ALL PRODUCTS And the whole information still intact


PAYMENT INSTUCTION : Go to any of the bank stated below and make the sum of N7,000.

OR : Order for the E-copy , you get it within 30/mins through your email box . Price : N7,000

NEXT STEP : After payment, send an email message  with YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and TELLER NUMBER to:  Or

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you every single copy of Export Package including the videos to you inbox within 30/min (or SMS to 08039454675 , 08058499904)

Nigeria foodstuff Export Market has been neglected for long. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to make from 100% to 500% exporting various foodstuffs

Below is the recent snap shoot our seminal at Lagos.

nigeria seminar



The DVD pack is seven thousand ( N7,000 ) naira only. With additional N3,000 for courier fee to your destination. Courier fee only applicable to persons living in Nigeria…If you are outside the country i will advice you go for the softcopy

Duration : You get it 2-3 working days, but you get the e-materials in 30/mins same day after payment.

While the E-copy with the DVD is N7,000 same information and you also get list of all the product buyers who are ready to do business with you on monthly basic…

NEXT STEP : After payment, send an email message  with YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and TELLER NUMBER to:  Or

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you every single copy of Export Package including the videos to you inbox within 30/min (or SMS to 08039454675, 08058499904)

1) Again, visit any branch of GTBank,FIRST BANK or UBA and pay either for the Video Tutorial or E-materials with the listed price into 

ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0005840534

finTech_First_bank1FIRST BANK

ACCT NUMBER : 3069014908


… with investors of all the products, the DVD will instruct you on everything about Mini and large export deal —pricing, packaging and export processes.


Call Time : 9am-5pm ( Monday to Friday )
Name : Albert Henry
Phone No : 08039454675 , 08058499904
Facebook :
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